What is U C MAS Abacus Training?

This is a powerful ‘Whole Brain Development Programme’ which uses the ancient tool, ABACUS (a device of rods and beads) to do calculations. Numbers are represented on the Abacus as a unique position of the beads. Hence, in Arithmetic computation using Abacus, numbers are converted into bead images. Bead images are registered as mental images. Arithmetic functions are done on Abacus – moving beads on rods having specific values. Children form an image of the Abacus and do sums mentally.

More than arithmetic

Prevalent misconception is that learning mental arithmetic is merely a method to improve the speed and accuracy of calculations, for example, adding 10-digit numbers within a few seconds. This is by itself, an amazing accomplishment for most young children. However, there is more to this because when the children are learning U C MAS Mental Arithmetic, they are also undergoing the process of developing other aspects of the mind. When children have acquired an astonishing calculation speed, it is actually the end result of having developed the following mental abilities : Concentration, Observation, Visualization & Imagination, Logic and Memory.