Students from UCMAS Kolhapur who had appeared for their 10th Std. C.B.S.E did extremely well not only in Maths but in all subjects. Their parents have given the entire credit of their success to their teachers and U C MAS.


It gives me immense pleasure to inform all readers of “UCMAS TIMES” that my son, Mr. Vansh Harsh Ajgaonkar, has received a gold medal for achieving first position in “Inter School round of Conquest”. My son is 9 years old studying in class III AND HE IS IN LEVEL 8 of U C MAS. I am extremely impressed with his confidence level and his overall performance not only in school but also in other exams. U C MAS is a blend of “SPEED” with “CONCENTRATION” which cannot be overlooked. It has made my child concentrate well not only in Maths but in other subjects also. I thank this academy for helping my child use his skills for better. We are proud to be associated with UCMAS.

Shilpa Ajgaonkar (Mother of Vansh)

(Rajarampuri Centre – Kolhapur)

I think my daughter Preet Bhokare has improved in all skills with the help of U C MAS team. My daughter has started scoring good marks in all her exams after joining U C MAS

Kranti Bhokre

(Rajarampuri Centre – Kolhapur)

Joining U C MAS I feel that I have improved my listening skills, writing skills. My Maths has become so good that I can calculate big sums within a fraction of seconds and I get all correct. Not only Maths, this has helped me in all other subjects.

Preet Bhokare

(Student U C MAS)